Laboratorio Celina is an Argentine enterprise, devoted to produce high quality biomedical materials from the extraction and purification of Collagen.

In 1995, the Laboratorio Celina’s plan was approved by the Argentine Ministry of Health for the production of medical-surgical dressings and medical devices. Since its beginning, the Enterprise has had the esteemed collaboration of well-known professionals dedicated to health improvements, among them Dr Celia Mohadeb, who won national and international awards for developing and patenting MEMBRACEL®, a “Collagen Membrane Dressing”.


Laboratorio Celina offers 4 kinds of products (all of them made of collagen); their Trade Mark is MEMBRACEL®, dressing membranes, granules and sponges of collagen:


MEMBRACEL® is made for:

  • External uses

  • Odontological uses

  • Surgical uses

  • Otorhinolaryngological uses


These products, wholly developed in our Laboratory, have been supported by scientific Studies presented at national and international meetings, and the Patent number is 251.120.
The certification of Laboratorio Celina and its medical products according to international regulations allows its introduction into the global market. Laboratorio Celina has the GMP (Good Manufactured Products) Certificate Nº 2920/07-3.