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1- "Burns treated with collagen membranes": Dr. Strusi E., Dr. Mohadeb C.

2- "Advantages of covering skin donor areas with collagen membrane in burnt patients. Our experience": Dr. Senderowicz G., Dr. Mohadeb C.

3- "Venous ulcers treated with collagen membranes": Dr. Altman Canestri E., Dr. Sánchez F., Dr. Tropper U., Dr. Altman García E., Dr. Quintana L., Dr. Riccione I.

4- "Burns treated with collagen membrane": Dr. Pagani J. J.

5- "Uso della membrana di collageno nel trattamento delle perdite di sostanze cutanee. Considerazioni cliniche e fisiologiche": Dr. Senderowicz G., Dr. Mohadeb C.

6- "Necrobiolisis lipoidica": Dr. Velásquez C.

7- "Collagen membrane. O.R.L. usefulness. Preliminary report": Dr. Parreño L, Dr. Mohadeb C.

8- "Chlorhexidine release in the buccal cavity, through collagen membrane": Dr. V. Montangero, Dr. C. Alak, Dr. O.Degrossi

9- "Biocompatibility and reabsortion studies about a collagen membrane of national origen. Kinetic of the inflamatory – repairing response in experimental rats.": Dr. F. Caride M.S., Dr. M.Bernales,  Dr. M. Laguero, Prof. Dr. E.R. Caride (revista Pilares – Dic 2002)

10- "Report about the use of a collagen membrane with Chlorhexidine Digluconate in the odontological treatment of a patient with acute lymphoid leukemia and other patient HIV carrier.": Dr. R. Leggieri (Htal. Gral. de Agudos J.M. Ramos Mejía)

11- "Presentation of a new collagen membrane for odontological use.": Dr. M. Tannous (Facultad de Odontologia – UBA)

12- "Safety and effectiveness of the collagen membrane Membracel with Apafill-G in oral surgery": Dra. M. Pérez Alvarez (Centro de Biomateriales - Universidad de La Habana)

13- "Utilization of the osseous regeneration guided in a case of failed implants": Dr. M. Tannous, Dra. F. Veinstein,  Dr. O. Costa, Revista de la Fundación J.J. Carraro (Año 8 Nº 17 - Agosto 2003)

14-"Polimerized Collagen Membranes: Considerations about its use in technique of guided tissular regeneration and guided osseous regeneration": Dr. Diego Bernales, Dr. Facundo Caride, Dr. Adrián Lewis, Dr. Martín Lagens

15 - "Histomorphometric evaluation of the effect of bovine collagen granules on bone healing. An experimental study in rats": Dr. Alejandro Gorustovich (1); Dra Fabiana Veinstein (2); Dr Osvaldo R. Costa (2); Dra María B. Guglielmotti (1) AOL (Acta Odontológia Latinoamericana) Vol 17 Nº 1-2 2004
(1) Department of Oral Pathology
(2) Department of Periodontics; Scholl of Dentistry, University of Buenos Aires. Argentina

16-"Application of Tissue Engineering (Ti) in a critical size bony defect in the Phalanx": Da Silva Minas MA, Cole AG, Guglielmotti MB.Julio Méndez Hospital, Orthopedics and Traumatology. Dep. of Oral Patology, School of Dentistry, UBA. 

17 - "Bone regeneration post-tumorectomy of bening bone noeplasias (BBN)": Da Silva Minas A, Cole Alejandro G, Santani Araujo Eduardo, Guglielmotti María B. Hosp.. Municipal Julio Méndez, Ortopedics and Traumatology. Dep. of Oral Pathology, School of Dentistry, Univ. of Bs. As.

18 - "Prof. Dr. Fortunato Benaim"